Jobs and Employment Opportunities in Thailand. Vacancies listed 

 Thailand is a rapidly expanding Eastern Country with many good employment possibilities and job vacancies for those eager to work in an exciting environment. 

As well as your employment opportunity in Thailand, you will live in a beautiful, diverse country with easy access to most parts by a good public transport system. There is a wealth of employment opportunities for a wide range of professions in many parts of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Are you up to the challenge of a new career, possibly in a new country? If so, have a look round this section of the Website and see what job opportunities and employment vacancies are here for you.

Not all jobs are available to foreigners, but some of the specialised work or language based jobs are open to foreigners as well as to Thais. 

Main Employment Headings.

  • Commerce & Trade ...The backbone of any economy. Commerce - or buying and selling basically - make the world go round. Without 'trade' and 'commerce' there is no future on the global stage.

  • Tourism....Thailand is suffering a little bit at the moment - much of it blamed upon the airports blockade in 2008 - but the world economic situation is also taking it's toll. Notwithstanding all of that, Thailand has as much - if not more - to offer than any other Asian country in respect of tourism. There are many employment opportunities.

  • Manufacturing....Industry and manufacturing are high on the list for the future of Thailand's economic success. Production costs are low here, which is why major manufacturers have invested heavily in the Kingdom.

  • Financial Services...Not quite the London stock exchange or Wall Street yet, but there are many opportunities for employment in the exciting financial environment which is Thailand.

  • Sales & Marketing...Thailand is well known for it's robust attitude to selling. Bartering is a normal part of the equation. It happens further up the tree than just street markets as well. Marketing is a growth industry. Be part of it if you have the skills required.

  • Education Jobs...There is a robust and developing education system in Thailand, with many opportunities for employment for qualified teachers. A challenging environment for the qualified job seeker.

  • Sport and Leisure...Thailand is 'active'. Everything from a leisurely stroll round the superb golf courses to a hectic game of Thai-style football. Keeping fit and gyms are in evidence everywhere, and even the national football team is helping put Thailand on the sporting map. many different jobs available and exciting employment opportunities.

  • Media......Not just advertising. Media covers a wide range of professions and employment opportunities.

  • Health & Beauty Jobs is big in Thailand. Beauty salons and fitness gyms are in every main shopping are - and more.

  • Fashion in Thailand. Designers or retailers. Fashion is at the top of the teen and wannabe's agenda.

  • Construction Jobs - All construction work is available for Thais only - unless we state otherwise

  • Advertising Positions -

  • Services

  • Science

  • Property and Estate

  • Medical

  • Food - Most aspects of food production are available only to Thais.

  • Engineering

  • Administration

  • Automotive

  • Airlines - Certain Airline ground jobs are available for foreigners, but most are carried out by Thai People

  • Transport

  • Jobs Banned for Foreigners